Plongee Philippines


Fluoro diving


Since a month we offer Fluoro Diving. During the night dive you get a lamp which gives blue light and you wear a yellow filter over your mask. By the fluorescent effect all sorts of corals light up fiercely, so you feel like you're in a special world. Also animals can light up as the Moray eel in the photo; this is with normal light sand colored and now lemon yellow. An absolute must to try out.

Boot Show Germany 2012


From January 21 to 29 it was again time for the annual Boat Show in Düsseldorf. Desiree and Arie were guests at WIRO Dive. It was a very successful show, where we saw many familiar faces just came to say hello. There were also many new faces, faces which we will greet again over the coming months, but then nicely here at Magic Island

Fête de Noël des enfants


Avec 2 collègues, nous avons organisé un après-midi vraiment sympa pour les 170 enfants de notre district. Comme un merci, Il y avait danses exécutées et après qu'ils ont apprécié les spaghetti, le poulet et le pain. À la fin de l'après-midi, il y a des cadeaux. Encore:

Green Fins


The Green Fins organisation has also started in the Philippines. Our dive centre was the first from Moalboal to get the annual approval sign!
Green fins is a organisation from the United Nations Environment Programme and Reef World. Their mission is: To protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing and implementing environmentally friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving tourism industry.

Oldest diver at Magic Island


This month Corry was our guest and she is now the new record holder.
This young lady is 77 years old, very enthusiastic, a great diver, fantastic company and she is very young at heart. We say: congratulations!

Discover scuba


As during the construction of the new kitchen the resort was closed, our whole staff could get the opportunity to learn how to dive.
It was a big success and almost everyone made a dive at the house reef, complete with turtles and frogfishes. Our staff now understands even better why guests come to visit us.

New kitchen


After three months of preparation for this big project, the resort was closed for 3 weeks in July.
For many years our kitchen team created the best food you can imagine in the old and small kitchen, but now they can really let themselves go on the new, modern and professional stainless steel kitchen. The team is very happy with it and that can be noted!

New school year has started


In the Philippines the summer vacation is in April and May, so this month the schools started again, also for the kids of our staff. We are very proud that we have now 5 children sponsored so that they can go to a private school. Herewith we want to thank the sponsors who make this possible.



Besides “Pirates of the Caribbea” there are now also “Pirates of the Philippines”.
The pirates have taken over our boat and they take the divers on journeys to mysterious dive spots with caves, steep walls covered with hidden jewels and bright white beaches. Who knows what kind of treasures they find!

Much diving at Moalboal


Whether it is a night or a day dive, Goby Point always guarantees success.
There is a lot to explore; goby's, stargazer, pegasus, dragonet fish, sea snakes, sea horses and much more. As the dive site is just 5 meter deep and there is much to discover, our guests usually forget the time and a dive of 90 minutes is no exception.

Air movie of Magic Island


Besides the already existing movies, there is now a new film on our website.
Last summer there was a unique film made with a remote controlled helicopter with a professional video camera. The camera made 5 short films and they were later edited into one film, check on our website, YouTube and Facebook pages. The camera also made beautiful pictures and they can be found in the gallery of the resort.

Christmas 2010 childrens party


150 children from our district enjoyed our special Christmas party.
Together with our colleague Jinki from Planet Action we organised a Christmas party on December 25 for all the kids from the district. There was their favourite food and drinks. After that the children surprised us with several great dances as a way to say ‘thank you’. Of course we also had small presents for all of them. The party was a big success and will be continued next year.

PADI Dive for Earth day 2009


Le 22 avril, un groupe de plongeurs sérieux et sympas a plongé sur les récifs de Moalboal à la recherche d’ordures. La bonne nouvelle : nous n'en avons pas trouvé beaucoup ! Comme les plongeurs n’avaient pas beaucoup à faire, on a pris le temps d’examiner le récif. Une bonne nouvelle: les coraux sont en bon état. C’était un jour plaisant et nous en sommes sûrs : nous le ferons à nouveau l’année prochaine ! Vous serez de la partie ?

Il n'y a rien grand le vrai café!

Commençant fin février nous avons un vraie machine italienne de café. N'est-il pas grand d'apprécier un café frais, un cappuchino de noisette ou un macchiato de caramel? En même temps que les plaisirs de café nous servons le gâteau frais, chaque fois une saveur différente.

Requins baleines


Février est devenu le mois du requin baleine. Plusieurs de nos plongeurs étaient chanceux; au total nous avons vu 3 ce mois.